Camera Switch, 8 x 4 channels, 19'' 1.5RU, Wieland terminals

The opticamSWITCH is the ultimate solution for fiber optic camera routing within broadcast studios. The device allows switching of unlimited camera positions between several studios and control rooms, eliminating the need for high-maintenance, risky matrix patch fields using SMPTE patch cables.

The camera switch works on trendsetting, silica-based PLC (planar lightwave circuits) equipped with TO (thermooptic) switches. The innovative and patent pending design guarantees rugged and safe non-blocking fiber plus camera power switching without any moving parts. The LAN-based remote control software simplifies work, shows switching and camera status, and enables broadcast production automation.

Neutrik’s  application  engineers  plan  and  optimize each opticamSWITCH setup together with our customers in consideration of existing equipment and work flow behavior of the broadcast or production studio. The  modularity  of  the  system  offers  highest  project flexibility  and  ease  future  expansions,  moreover  it avoids the loss of all camera signals at the same time.


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