Noise cancelling rubber protection cover for opticalCON cable connectors, including front housing. Due to the innovative design, the ergonomic rubber boot can be safely locked with the spring loaded push/pull mechanism of the cable connector front and protects the fiber ferrules of any contamination especially during spooling of cables.

SCNO2MX-A-NC for opticalCON DUO multi-mode cables
SCNO2SX-A-NC for opticalCON DUO single-mode cables
SCNO2SAX-A-NC for opticalCON DUO single-mode APC cables
SCNO4MX-A-NC for opticalCON QUAD multi-mode cables
SCNO4SX-A-NC for opticalCON QUAD single-mode cables
SCNO4SAX-A-NC for opticalCON QUAD single-mode APC cables
SCNO12MX-A-NC for opticalCON MTP® multi-mode cables
SCNO12SAX-A-NC for opticalCON MTP® single-mode APC cables
SCNO24MX-A-NC for opticalCON MTP®24 multi-mode cables
SCNO24SAX-A-NC for opticalCON MTP®24 single-mode APC cables